By beating women volynyanyn six years behind bars hold

people convicted three times severely beat a girlfriend who seems ohovoryla it to the police. The event occurred in December last year. The Company met amateurs alcohol in an apartment high-rises. Sat up late, so the neighbors called the police. Law enforcement officers were taken to the police station rowdyto give explanations. However, after returning from the police station, they continued the night feast. Later, between the drunken man and woman dispute the fact that she seems superfluous nahovoryla guards. So angry man repeatedly hit her on the head, and then put a few kicks to the body. As a result, the victim unconsciousto lay noon until someone from the company did not cause doctors. With severe head injuries the woman was taken to medical institutions, where she underwent surgery. Lokachi district court, Volyn region declared the defendant guilty of an offense under Part 1 st.121 (intentional grievous bodily harm) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and appointed yetearly - six years in prison. Koim, men were obliged to pay 25800 USD for the treatment of the injured, UAH 12,500 to UAH 70,000 for material and moral damage. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region