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Population Uzhgorod steadily accumulating debts for water management

As MU 'Vodokanal Uzhgorod "their employees try to do their best to improve the quality of water supply and sanitation service subscribers transition to more advanced methods of communication and cooperation among consumer and the service provider. AudeNAC, for the last two months recorded a significant decline in population for paying for services while increasing the consumption of water in the summer. Budget organizations pay their bills in full. On the other consumers also achieved 100% payment and repayment of debts of previous periods. Readalso: In schools Ukraine will again be 12 year education Only people accumulate debts, which, unfortunately, can lead to failure MU 'Vodokanal Uzhgorod "pay for consumed electricity, and as a result, disconnection of water supply and drainage of supply. News of Transcarpathia - "Carpathian lens" PrTold about