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In Ternopil Pond launched more than 6 tons of fish

In order to preserve the ecosystem of the pond Ternopil, fighting overgrowth of water bodies underwater and above-water vegetation was stocking Ternopil Pond. During the day June 18 in the reservoir was started more than 6 tons of fish species of grass carp white silver carp and carp. &Laquo; Last fisheringTernopil Pond happened over six years ago. That is why, on the advice of environmentalists, city council has allocated funds for the purchase and stocking the pond Ternopil - says Mayor Sergei Nadal. - I am convinced that the process of illegal fishing will monitor law enforcement, community activists and most Ternopil & raquo ;. InBoard Housing, landscaping and ecology of the city council held a public bidding process, the results of which won Farming « HADZ » with m. Buchach. It tells the head of the economy pisciculturist Dennis Smith, in Ternopil fish are good natural conditions for existence. Reported atTernopil City Council