In the Rivne region to adapt to civilian life of demobilized full employment helps

Questions help demobilized and displaced named among the priority during a working meeting with activists of Rivne region, held June 18 in State Administration during the visit of Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Roseenko and Chairman of the State Employment Service Yaroslav Kaszuba. Social protection of internally displaced persons and demobilized members ATO requires coordinated work of authorities. Great responsibility rests with the employment service, as one of the main factors adaptation of returning to peaceful living conditions, andtheir implementation in society is employment. Working is desperately needed and internally displaced persons who are forced to seek new sources to ensure their families away from their homes. These issues were discussed and during the working meeting the Head of State Employment Service Yaroslav Kaszuba with the leadership of the regional center and baseEmployment in Rivne. Talking head of the Service of work in this direction, the director of the Regional Employment Center Ivan Tkachuk noted that the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On additional measures for social protection of participants of counterterrorist operation" is one of the main tasks of the employment service. From the beginning, services employment servicesand received 277 demobilized soldiers. Each of them - the individual approach and offers various forms of services and employment services. Many demobilized attracts professional training, and someone wants to open their own business. But those who returned from the front, first of all necessary psychological and medical rehabilitation, so much timeTAC demobilized needs more time to specify the intentions in employment. "However, - said Ivan Tkachuk - for maximum coverage demobilized information and consulting services established constructive cooperation with the employment service the military field. Help and families of demobilized members ATO - in pershocherDuty interaction with local authorities. As of June 15, 2015 with 364 rural (township) and city councils field 141 decided to organize public works and the funds allocated from the local budget. 68 rural (township) and City Councils decision to include in the list of public works to provide AssistedOIG families whose members were killed, injured or are members of anti-terrorist operations, and the families of reservists called up for mobilization. According to a survey conducted basic employment centers, determined, now in need of assistance ATU 261 family members. These public works were involved 42 unemployed. Assisted 64 families members ATO. Working together regional employment and social services for children, families and young people with social support to families with dead and wounded. The cooperation of the regional employment center with the NGO "Regional veteran union members ATO Rivne region" in service of the activeemployment programs participants ATO. To address issues relating to the grounds for exemption from military service, proof of insurance and completion certificate allowance of servicemen who took part in the ATO, prepared a joint letter Rivne REC and the NGO "Regional Veterans Association of Uchasnykiv ATO Rivne "and directed the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces Ukraine V.Muzhenku. During the working meeting of the Chairman of the State Employment Service Jaroslaw Kaszuba said that the provision of services discharged - this issue special attention. He listened to the suggestions that experts believe the employment service Rivne spryyatymut help enhance demobilized. In particular, for easing in the labor market it would be appropriate to amend the legislation to provide incentives to employers in the form of compensation or grants by the Fund of obligatory state social insurance of Ukraine against unemployment employment demobilizovDATA who participated in the ATO. This would further motivate and financial support and demobilized, and employer. Also for Agricultural Rivne acute is the question of joining the employment of demobilized from rural areas. They suffer from the status of the subsidiary farm that does not depend on the size of theirOn land unit. You need legislative differentiation. Moreover, the ATU is now in many rural boys who return home will require assistance in finding employment or retraining. And now demobilized soldiers who are members of the subsidiary farm, in order to be registered to the center oughtor provide a certificate of termination subsidiary farming or exit from this sector. Otherwise, a person is entitled only to receive information services employment services. This was reported in Rivne city employment center