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In the Lviv region firefighters rescued a woman in a fire

18 June at 15:27 to rescuers received information about a fire in a building in the city. Large Lubin Street. Used 12 Gorodotsky area. At the time of the fire in the house of the owner was born in 1960. The woman tried to eliminate its own fire, VNAslidok which burns the lower extremities. Realizing their helplessness before the fire element, the woman immediately called the rescue. Firefighters brought the owner of a dangerous premises and handed over to doctors for further assistance. The fire was eliminated at 15:39. The fire destroyed household goods on an area of ??9 square meters damaged duringlog in area 7 sq.m. The victim in a state of moderate severity were hospitalized in Gorodotcka central district hospital. The cause of fire is set.