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In the Rivne region professiograficheskoy tour for the unemployed June 18

experts Rivne city employment center professiograficheskoy organized tour for the unemployed in Alexandria educational department of the Center for Vocational Education NHS to learn about the logistics of the institution, which inprovides the unemployed receiving knowledge and the skills that meet employers. During training for students using the most modern equipment and technology, including, for example, a computer avtotrenazher, freight and passenger cars, tractors with various agricultural units, modern wood verstaty world famous firms "Metabo", "Jet", "Makita", "Bosch" pneumatic hammer and tools with software company "Metalkraft" for blacksmiths, hand forging, sewing and embroidery machine software ("Genoa", "Yamato "" Pfaff "," Brother "). During the tour were unemployed pleased workshop on trades"Plasterer", "smith smithery", "seamstress", "tailor", "vyshyvalnyk" and as a result have expressed a desire to study the direction of the center of employment in order to further employment. Photos can be viewed here This was reported in Rivne city employment center