When buying a car - check the legality of his stay in Ukraine (+ photos)

Increasingly, traffic police find vehicles were imported into the territory of our country in violation of customs rules. In most cases the owners of these cars are not even aware that they are "illegal". Since the beginning of the Rivne region was recorded 33 suchcases. June 18 about 15 pm during duty in the street Stepan Makarov inspectors VDAI service Dubrovytsky area zupynenyly car AUDI A6 without license plates. Driving cars was 24-year-old Rokytnivskyy district, who had no registration documents at the car. Prcheck for light vehicles and all available databases Inspectorate found that vehicle on the territory of Ukraine is not registered and among imported legally not appear. Driver and "Audi A6 traffic police dostavlyly in Dubrovitsky ayviddil police. The event included the Unified accounting statements and reports on the criminal claimravoporushennya and other events. A verification. State car Rivne once again appeals to motorists asking to be careful when buying vehicles and check the legality of his stay in Ukraine by contacting the traffic police departments and the appropriate experts (the research bureau of forensic examinations "Santodor"). This Sectionovidomyly the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/