Volyn Svoboda met the guards who came out of Marinka and Avdeevki

June 18, 2015 came to Volyn Lutsk eight demobilized fighters frontier who participated in the fighting with Russian-terrorist forces on the boundary line of Avdeevki to Mar. 'yinky Donetsk region. Among them rulers pledgeand operational and military commandant of Lutsk frontier svobodivets of Vladimir-Volyn Alexander attack. Greeted svobodovtsy-border counterparts headed by the first deputy head of the Volyn regional council chairman Alexander Pyrozhykom and Lutsk city organization VO " Freedom " Nicholas Fedikom and family, nearki and friends of the soldiers who have recently kept the defense near settlements Krasnogorovka, Avdeevka, Marinka, Sands. &Quot; We are pleased to returning to his native land alive and well. At the same time we can arrange a situation in which our country is. We do not for standing on the Maidan, and after the war fought to endure that and lie koruptsiS that permeate the current government. Why government still does not want to admit that the East is not " & quot ;, TUs a real war, which from its very beginnings declared " Freedom & quot ;? Why not listened to the advice of the Chairman of the PA " Freedom " Oleg Tyagnibok about what we need to close the borders and stop any trade relations with the occupierwe? How can we still trade with Russia, if the money from this trade going to murder our fellow citizens? This is absurd! This does not fit into the heads of those who stand at the forefront of & quot ;, - said on arrival in their homeland svobodivets Alexander attack. The main task of the frontier was non-admission of arms, drugs and other dangerouss goods across the border of the country. &Quot; In my view, the task of our soldiers coped with honor, but always risked their lives while under constant attacks. As for future plans, we will not stop halfway, we will continue to fight for that Ukraine, which saw it our valiant ancestors. If not in the East, then in placeYah. For our government, unfortunately - is a complete " & quot ;, bog especially here in the Vladimir-Volyn & quot ;, - said Chief Warrant Lutsk frontier. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn regional organization VO " Freedom "

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