At Vinnytsia fiscal services workers detained party nuts in excess of 1.8 million. UAH. (+ Photos)

Party walnuts on a notional amount of over 1.8 mln. UAH. That was preparing for export from Ukraine withdrew DFS employees of the Main Directorate in Vinnytsia region. Withdrawal was part of a national operation "Milestone"Which continues in Ukraine just over a month and aims to expose criminal offenses in the customs sphere, prevention, detection and suppression of channels of illegal movement of consumer goods, including under the guise of transit movement. As part of the operation seized inventory in excess of 2.2 million. UAH. Thisthe second case also identify criminal violations of the law by exporting walnuts. According to available information, the company exporting the address registration is not found, but its director said that the financial and economic activities of the company does not have any relation. Upon entering false information regarding specified ent headtion in the documents for registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 205-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This information is transmitted to further respond to the DFS customs departments where the procedure under Customs detained a consignment. Sladenyy protocol under Art. 483 Customs Code of Ukraineyiny - hiding inventory of customs control. Load detained pending a decision under applicable law. PG DFS in Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration