Lutsk VIII regional festival "Sport for All - in every yard" among the clubs on a residence

recently in the city park of culture and recreation Vladimir-Volyn Lutsk team of the city center physical health "Sport for All" took part in VIII regional festival "Sport for All - in every yard" among clubsand residence within the nationwide events "Sports for all in parks and gardens." The festival "Funny starts" competition darts, tug and tow quiz on Olympic theme. Seven teams competed strongest urban centers physical health "Sport for All" from Lutsk, Volodymyr-Volyn, Kovel, IPB and Vladimir-Volyn region. Following the festival city of Lutsk team won third place. In the competition "Cheerful starts": I place - Vladimir-Volyn number 1, second place - Vladimir-Volyn 2, third place - IPB. "Durst": among boys place - Kinaschuk Valentine of IPB, second place - Daniel Mudryk from Lutsk, andSecond place - Titus Arthur of IPB, among girls - place - Karpyuk Sofia Ovadno the village, second place - Sviderska Olga and Vladimir-Volyn 2, third place - Daryna Kosmina from Lutsk; "Dragging tow: I place - the village Ovadno, second place - Lutsk, third place - Vladimir-Volyn region. "Sports Quiz" And -III between her partedTeam of Lutsk, the village Ovadno and Vladimir-Volyn region. All winners were awarded with diplomas and medals of Volyn Regional Center for physical health "Sport for all". Congratulations to team members of Lutsk center with bronze awards at the regional level competitions. City center physical health populatition "Sport for All" (720 335) This was reported in Lutsk city council