In the Lviv region on the initiative svobodovtsev Brody district council approved the request for financing the reconstruction of the hospital

18 June 2015 at the session of the Brody District Council deputy of the faction initiatives PA " Freedom " adopted an appeal to the MP from Michael Cooper Brody district for funding of riversBrody onstruktsiyi maternity ward of the central hospital. MPs stress that stop work at the site is a major problem for the region, endangering the lives and health of mothers and children. As stated in the appeal and a half years, since in the area not functioning maternity ward, there was a number of severe cases, leadtheir inability to provide professional medical assistance on the spot, untimely shipment in spetsiyalizovani health care neighboring areas. During this period, 16 births were adopted in urgent procedure, 9 - premature, 8 children were hospitalized in LOKL, one child died. &Quot; In spite of this, a long time the problem is not solved. Mr premisesolohovoho department Brody central district hospital in very poor condition, despite the fact that the work of reconstruction began in 2011. Remains unresolved situation related to financing activities. According to proyektno estimates the cost of reconstruction maternity ward BrodyCentral Hospital is 9 million. In the period from 2011 to 2013 from the state b'yudzhetu to the program spent 550 thousand UAH. As of May 6, 2015 with early reconstruction financed 2,337,996 USD. We are concerned about unfair treatment contractor to his duties. The facility would not have anyudivelnyka. Still have not worked the full advance payment in the amount of 1 million 800 thousand. UAH received in 2013. In 2014 the oblast b'yudzhetu predicted 352 thousand. UAH. General contractor refused to develop their funds returned to the regional b'yudzhetu. To complete the necessary reconstruction 7022 thousand. UAH according to the estimate of 2011. In 2015 peredbacheno b'yudzhetu regional funding in the amount of 2 345 thousand. UAH. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from May 22, 2013 508-p of the reconstruction of the hospital Central Hospital in Brody included in the list of investment programs (projects) funded in 2013 by the State Fund for Regionalth of $ 6 million. Pursuant to CMU on the State Treasury received funds in the amount of 3 million, which for unknown reasons not restated for their intended purpose. As for the reconstruction of the maternity ward Brody central district hospital conducted for the contractor (executor) requires avansuvanof the cost of work & quot ;, - the statement says. Deputies emphasized the urgency channeling funds from the state b'yudzhetu to finance reconstruction work on the hospital Central Hospital in Brody. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "