Vinnytchina: a new "face" clinic of general practice of family medicine V.Kisnytsya village district Yampolsky (+ photos)

Yampolsky region in June 17, 2015 summed up the complete implementation of the common micro " Promoting social infrastructure " Ukrainian Social Investment Fund and territories Velykokisnytskoyiialnoyi community. The main goal is " total renovation of the building clinic of general practice of family medicine with. B. Kisnytsya & quot ;, improve the conditions of service in the medical facility. Micro was selected according to social and technical criteria. The important role played by the community's ability to provide co-financing in conversationRI at least 20% of the total micro (1105.0 thous.), 80% of funds attracted by a grant from the German Government through the German Development Bank (KfW). The project carried out a number of construction works, insulation and painting the facade, arranged vidmostku arrangement Drain, ramps, metal bridges over all ageUs, replacement of windows and doors with energy saving, external and internal finishes (soffits) and others. At the open repaired institution attended by Deputy Director of the Department of Health and Resorts Regional State Administration Pavel Lesik, chairman of the district state administration Mykhailo Vdovtsov, Head of the Department of Healthyv'ya State Administration Gennady stickleback, chief physician RMC PHC Galina Plahotna, deputy head physician Ludmila RMC PHC ?olak, chief physician CRH Livakovskyy Constantine, Nicholas Hanzyuk village head and residents of the community. In the celebrations was attended by representatives of the Lviv representation of Ukrainian Social Investment Fund SergeiShyhirt, Igor Gurevich, Tatiana Bovt, Yuri Telepenko. They were granted the right to open a new modern medical facility. Kisnychan and welcoming all present with a successful project, district administration head Mikhail Vdovtsov and director of the Lviv representation of Ukrainian Social Investment Fund Sergey Shyhirt awarded diplomas and gratitude. After inrochystoho opening clinic held an interesting concert with the participation of amateur and district culture house and V.Kisnytskoho. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/