At Vinnytsia Parliamentary Committee explained how public discussion can take a voluntary association of communities

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Government on request Minregion gave explanations of the Law "On voluntary about 'territorial cohesion in Decemberomad "in terms of determining the timing of individual stages of association. Explanation concerned, including the use of the term in the law "over a number of days" for the public discussion. This term could mean either fully adopted in the relevant rules of law period of time, that is not less than 30 and not less than 60 days or borderstion period during which certain actions must vchynytys, that is 30 to 60 days. The Committee, based on the opinion of experts "Association of Cities Ukraine" and the Ministry of Regional Development, said that the public discussion, together with preparation for objectively it takes only a few days, not 30 or 60. That the Committee confirms that the public discussion againsttion of a certain number of days to be understood as limiting the definition of time. In this case, the Committee notes that appointing public discussion of village, settlement, city mayor shall proceed from the need to involve as many stakeholders, given the organizational possibilities executive council, anddetermine the timing of such public debate that would serve the guarantee of the right of citizens to express their opinions. Full text explanation HERE This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration