Cvyaschenyk-exorcist: My vocation - to serve people in eastern Ukraine

with Father Basil Pantelyuk we first met several years ago on the phone - rang him from Kyiv to Donetsk. Then I about it knew nothing about. But the conversation with the priest left a warm impression even through long distance felt a peculiar positive,came from him. And of course, if the opportunity had decided to talk to him live. Father Basil Pantelyuk Father Basil now dushpastyryuye in Dnepropetrovsk. Prior to serving in Donetsk, where he was rector of the cathedral church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church, at the same time – Director of the Foundation « Caritas Donetsfor & raquo ;. And he practiced exorcism, healing from every spiritual infirmities … After the capture of militants Donetsk father of the family and staff of Caritas majority moved to a nearby Dnipropetrovsk to, in particular, continue to serve the Donetsk team, some of whom moved to Dnipropetrovsk. I navistyla father in one of the hot days of summer. He meets me at the threshold of Caritas Dnipropetrovsk, whose director is. It sunglasses. In secular dressed, the man does not like the one that has the power to cast out evil spirits ... Each morning begins with a father Matins and Liturgy, which he serves in the church Nicholas Church which is located on the second floor of Caritas. Although the parish only a few months, she already has regular parishioners. Father asks to help him in the service. I say, I am afraid that I will not work, but it gives me a prayer book in hand: « do not worry, everything will be fine & raquo ;. &Ndash; Our service to others, the life of each of us has two wings: pray and work, – said the priest in the morning sermon.Close to 10 am in Caritas work begins to boil. Mr. Igor came to the morning prayer. He gets help here, but to not eat bread for nothing, asks for some work. Father Basil guess yard sweep ’ i … &Ndash; When captured Donetsk, – says Father Basil, – stopped work all the banks, and we could not provide forplanned financial assistance and pay salaries to employees. In our church shells began to fall, and we decided to evacuate part of our team with the blessing of Donetsk Exarch Stephen (Meniok) to Dnipropetrovsk to create a focal point here charitable assistance to all four areas. Here are our central villageExamples where rozmytnyuyetsya humanitarian aid, which comes from the EU. So Charitable Foundation « Caritas » January is placed in Dnipropetrovsk. We also organized a « Caritas Zaporizhzhia & raquo ;, « Caritas Melitopol & raquo ;, « Caritas Kramatorsk & raquo ;, and Donetsk in the remainder of our employees. We Continuezhuyemo deliver aid there. We plan to create a dining room in the temple two hundred people and distribute rations. Organized as two parishes – Nicholas and St. Sophia. The parish of St. Sophia is undergoing registration. We plan to build in Dnepropetrovsk great church of Hagia Sophia. It's a nice city played a major peacekeeping role,yyavylo God's wisdom that there was peace in Ukraine. Now the headquarters of Caritas Dnipropetrovsk operates twenty people. They are trying to provide assistance to all in need. Father Basil relies on the work of his own family – wife and two sons who helped him in Donetsk. Came to the house of Mr. Vladimir Kirov region of Donetskand. He immediately turned to Father Basil, because not once seen him in Donetsk. &Ndash; Ended pension, do not have to eat. I'm disabled. Migrant. And very hungry, – donechchanyn complaining. The priest offers him right on the spot to receive a one-time « express cache » in the amount of 38 euros. And before that it checks the documents. All NORMALabout. Then Mr. Vladimir sends social workers to arrange assistance. Man also receives food rations, which includes tomato paste, rice, sugar, pasta, canned vegetables. All products of Italian production. And requests summer shoes. And yet no shoes. But we expect: Caritas Dnipropetrovsk waiting for another assismohu the EU. Flow needy stops. Ms. Oksana with young daughter arrived from Paul specifically to help arrange for several months. However, the procedure is not so simple, and social workers explaining how to operate it. And Mrs. Elena came to report on checks used 525 hryvnia, which received last month ... Spilkuvatysya with Father Basil easily. He himself comes from Ivano-Frankivsk region, a mountain village, where ’ two are united Cheremosh … At first he worked as a medical assistant, but early 90s, everything changed for him: he felt the call to serve, and in the east Ukraine … I had spent more than two decades. &Ndash; Father, if grantperson to help or ask, which it political views? &Ndash; Caritas comes from human needs and compassion, so our employees do not ask about such things. If you came to us for help, we help. &Ndash; Do you feel the difference between the residents of Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk? &Ndash; To me, the difference is striking ... Now Dnipropetrovsku all see that these are « NPT » and « FSC & raquo ;. &Ndash; How often receives aid from the EU? &Ndash; Our centers covering 23 thousand immigrants from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. They have assisted nearly 20 million. One of the articles help – 22 euros a month for four months for each memon the family. The money they spend on their physical, nutritional needs, and we report checks. So we help people somehow get on their feet. Separately, provide support to people with chronic illnesses, cancer. They get us to 38 euros a month for four months too. In areas where there are shops, banking systemsand we deliver rations to 20 kilograms worth thousand. We strive to cover all the territory where nothing works. Over the past two months were given fifty tons. Mostly deliver rations to the territory controlled by Ukraine. For dopravyty to the city of Donetsk, you must have two approvals from our Ministry of Social Policy and the so calledNoah « NPT & raquo ;. Only then can supply products there. Sometimes agree with the party, because we understand that there are seriously ill, to whom should somehow help, and they are also our citizens. In Donetsk we are distributing packages to the needy in our church. &Ndash; In Caritas, you have organized in Dnepropetrovsk new parish – Nicholas … &Ndash; So, now come here to pray and Donetsk residents and local ... We named our parish in honor of Nicholas, Saint Nicholas because, as we know, helps everyone. I would like to mention the constant help from Caritas Germany. Recently in Dnepropetrovsk we had a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Nony Steinmeier, who promised to be even larger financial investments in Ukraine on their part. &Ndash; What you meant by « live Parish & raquo ;, which, as you know, is a meeting with the living Christ? &Ndash; Live parish – it's like an anthill, beehive. In an anthill or a beehive where each insect does its job very busy life.And most importantly – result and fruit. It is for this model – hive model – we built our parish here in Donetsk build. At the church in Donetsk refectory we had a hundred people, different Biblical groups, catechetical school, evangelistic school, the charismatic movement. There were three charitable centers built office building. Schotyzhnya showed people theological films, organized sporting events checkers, chess ... Now all this zaprovadzhuvatymemo here in Dnepropetrovsk. Also perform prayers from the evil eye, inyears, various diseases. We have a plan for assistance to Germany to buy large center where people could help with all sides: wash, feed, mow.So we can provide assistance to thousands of people. Hopefully soon appear already such a center. And after him build trees ’ yanyy temple Nicholas. So people can get immediately the spiritual, psychological and humanitarian assistance. This is what our people need. Once we are able to direct people to live in houses, constructionof Old Germany. There migrants can be up to six months. &Ndash; You search people or people find you? &Ndash; Give ads, connect local television, various social services of the city. Also, some people retell one of us. &Ndash; Perhaps there are people who accept help, but the church did not come … &Ndash; Well, we do not ask them about religious aspects. When help, do not put conditions people to come to church … If a person has a spiritual need, it is required ’ sure to come. And these come. &Ndash; I know that you treat people from various mental illnesses, practicing exorcism. When you feel that you have such a gift? &Ndash; When else bua young priest and had just arrived in Donetsk. It was 1993. There were many sick and Suffering. There were churches, the devil walked … I've been preparing for this – fasting, prayer. Do not eat anything dairy, the city ’ clear … When I came to the sick, they become easier ... Curative prayers, exorcism, I'm Dr.vadtsyat two years. During this time received about 40 thousand sick and Suffering from evil spirits and other mental illnesses. There were days when I was taking and a hundred people a day … Went to heal and in other cities of Ukraine, even in some Western European countries. &Ndash; The man himself may not even know that it is wrong and you are seeing? &Ndash; Yes. IncoDo it happens that a person whole bunch of – combined mental, spiritual and physiological disease. Use and sacrament yeleyepomazannya. I can say that we have and small miracles happen when a man came with a stick, and walked us alone, without help. &Ndash; It is difficult to imagine how an evil spirit in man sitting … &Ndash; It will preventaye her both physically and spiritually. He could not let her in the house for prayer, does not work, creates problems in seven ’ her. That prevents a person live. It may also bring to suicide. &Ndash; Do not fear that the evil spirit from someone pass to you when you possess? &Ndash; We exorcist, take measures to not stalosya. This confession, holy communion. We always have popular city ’ favorites that God – a force that always helps relieve. God defeated the devil, and he's nothing God can cause, except that attack the man as the image and likeness of God. &Ndash; And on the street among the crowds of people you feel? &Ndash; Typically, exorcism dealthe temple – before the throne. Before a person confesses, partake, then we examine it from head to toe. Since lying is doing at home. And sometimes I can stand on the street and a person obsessed manifested reaction to me. &Ndash; And what is it? &Ndash; Maybe start fukaty, barking or just swear. &Ndash; How do you feelwith a man something wrong? &Ndash; Our Lord is the healer of our souls and bodies. God left us « the means » Treatment, for salvation. First – This baptism and renunciation of Satan. When the unclean spirit baptism already can leave the person. Also during her confession could leave. I have had such cases. For the devil holds the sin of man. How do I feel? As with so obsessed man reading the Holy Gospel or she meets the holy things, eg water, it may bark, and croak. And while prayer can manifest things of which man can not know. This can only feel exorcist of experience. Sometimes have to treat long, and sometimes the patient healsI for one day. It depends on otserkovlennya rights. Well this have medical education. I myself am a doctor, worked anesthesists. If necessary, send the person to a psychiatrist or other doctor. Although God is the greatest physician of souls, bodies and our lives Almighty. &Hellip; Now our people need zalikuvannya heartfelt, emotional bloody wounds. Ce only God can do, but it takes time and about ’ unity of the people. Oksana Klimonchuk, for IA ZIK Told