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Ternopol Sergey Nadal met by a group of LLC "Domobudivnyk"

18 June Ternopil Mayor Sergei Nadal met by a group Ltd. « & raquo ;, Domobudivnyk on the premises which previously was made raider attack. As noted by Sergey Nadal, now need to give people the opportunity to work and receive wages SquareAta, and all legal disputes between the different parties to the conflict should be resolved exclusively in the courts. &Laquo; Ternopil should be calm and cozy city, where the law. We also need jobs in the crisis and the lack of deceived rations. Because of the outage construction company will mean that shareholders budynKiv may suffer losses, - says Sergey future. - My position is clear. If there is a misunderstanding between the management, it should be resolved only in court, but without titushok and hobbies premises & raquo ;. The mayor adds that respond to the written request of the employees of the company and initiate a separate meeting on thisthe question of the leadership of the police and the Security Service. Also, employees are invited to the next session of the City Council, where they can express their position before the deputies that those within the competence took appropriate action. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council