In Chernihiv region kid playing with matches caused a fire

17 June at 17:25 to the Rescue « 101 » Horodnyaskomu in the area of ??the fire was reported economic building in the village. Senkivka. In place of the fire department arrived 4 th State Fire and Rescue parts of the district center. At the time of arrival of rescuers was fire relatedtions covered economic building. Because of the proximity threatened spread of flame ’ I have a house. Thanks to the professional actions of rescuers, the fire was localized at 18:10 and 19:00 liquidated. How can ’ it turned out, were the cause of the fire playing with fire 4-year-old son hosts. While parents were involved in hozyaysthouseholds in the garden, left without proper attention Nikolka found a match and set fire to the remains of last year's hay in the barn. The child is very frightened and therefore not reported by parents of a fire. Only after some time the neighbors noticed the fire and called the number 101. As a result, household fire destroyed the building and rescued located near housingovyy house. Fortunately, the child did not suffer. Rescuers State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies Appeal to parents asking: do not leave small children unattended, control entertain children by example and nurture their skills of safe behavior culture. UDSNS in Chernihiv region