In Vinnitsa region opened a memorial plaque in honor of the heroes who died in the area of ??ATO, Victor Sokolovsky (+ photos)

June 17 held a rally-requiem dedicated to the opening of a memorial plaque graduate Mogilev - Podolsky Medical College, who died last summer in eastern Ukraine, protecting her turn, a true patriot of his country, Viktor Juiceolovskomu. In order to perpetuate the memory of Viktor light on the facade of the main building Mogilev - Podolsky Medical College, a memorial plaque on canvas of which were honored to withdraw fellow heroes - military and fellow classmate. With the words of inexhaustible grief to parents Hero and present public college turned director V.Border, Mayor P.Brovko, deputy head of State Administration O.Kucheruk and teacher, fellow student and military commander killed remembered how bright and pure was Victor. Especially words sounded shrill mother of Victor Frantsevna, because no one better than her son did not know the hero. The participants, namely: Deputy Director of Guarding??? health ODA D.Bilous, deputy head of the district administration O.Kucheruk, the mayor and his deputy P.Brovko V.Kryhan, relatives, classmates, fellow students, villagers, teachers and fellow-guards killed, workers and college students, public city and district, paid tribute to Victor Sokolovsky and all Ukrainiansoldiers who died in the area of ??ATO, a moment of silence, and URKTS rector Father Paul read funerary prayer. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration