In Lutsk residents Konyakina 12a created joint efforts comfort at the entrance

inhabitants of the first entrance on the street Konyakina 12a shown how you can create a common home comfort. Already at the entrance to entrance shows that live here caring hosts. In flowerbeds flowers bloom, and near them vmostyvsya decorative dragon, which they did one hundredrenkyh tires. Neighbors told that joint efforts have decided to repair the entrance. They collected money, bought materials and workers HCS 11 whitewashed and painted the stairs platforms. And entering into the entrance seems to get into a vivid world of childhood. Residents of the entrance told that the murals are initiated Elena Dikaryeva. Ms Lenaiznalasya that prompted her pick up a brush willingness to turn the dark green walls in colorful tale. Then she tried to draw on the walls of his apartment near the whales, God's korovky and colorful flowers. This initiative was supported by neighbors, and their entrance turned into an art studio where born unique stories. People StoriesAli that someone wanted to depict cartoon characters, some of your favorite fairy tale story, but one woman said that her drawing was inspired, she saw the child's pajamas. Neighbors and so never at odds, and the joint work of more zdruzhyla. And tenants in the street Konyakina 12a told that in their yard recently visited Mayor MikoLa Romanyuk, since there begins a complex repair local area already is re asfaltnogo coverage. People are happy with what they are now everywhere to be nice and cozy - in homes, porches, yard. This was reported in Lutsk city council