In the Transcarpathian region of early detection and avoidance of fires at harvest spoke at a meeting of the regional commission on technological-ecological safety and emergency

June 18 in the premises of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration held a regular meeting of the regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies.The event, which was chaired by the Deputy Governor Mikhail Rivis, was attended by Deputy Chief of DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region to respond to emergencies Gleb Burkovsky leaders and other services sustenance edge. The main question of the commission - the state of implementation of early detection of threatsEmergencies and alert the public in case of disaster. As reported Acting Deputy Head of DSNS of state supervision and control Vitali Lyynart, in Transcarpathia about 220 ’ objects subject to equipment systems that help promptly identify the threat of disasters. There are currently about 8 ’ such yektahthe system adopted in the operation for another 80 developed and agreed on project estimates. Immediately discussed further development of a regional system of centralized alerting the public area. According to Acting Director of the Civil Protection Transcarpathian Regional Administration Victor Buryshyna, in the framework of the first stagein Project « early warning Ukraine-Slovakia » 7 areas of land and 3 cities of regional importance are mounted centralized notification. The plans for the second phase of the program – Electric installation of 40 transponders and 2, including: the Uzhhorod, Berehovo, Vynohradiv, Irshava, Khust, Pahivskomu and Tyachevo areas. Finally, the meeting focused on ensuring fire protection include collecting and storing the new crop. So, to avoid fires Commission recommended to test fire of elevators, grain items and granaries; created on farms voluntary fireno wife; conduct briefings with management and staff of enterprises for fire safety. Since the beginning of ripening harvest to ensure the clock security fields, fence the place of storage of grain and roughage and equip them with lightning and fire fighting and so on. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region