On March Khmelnytsky debts on wages decreased by almost 2 mln. UAH

, announced this at the enlarged meeting of the Regional Interim Commission on arrears of wages chairman of the regional state administration Mikhail Zagorodny. "Analyzing the indicators of socioeconomic development worth noting that the regiontook 6th place. This is a common merit of daily work, despite the socio-political situation in the country. One positive indicator is the lowest figure for arrears of wages. As of March 1, 2015, amount of unpaid wages amounted to 10.6 mln. UAH., May 1 - 8.8 mln. UAH. The result is. We try toI hear business leaders monthly debtors, prevent the newly formed debt ", - said Mikhail. He drew the attention of law enforcement agencies on actions of individual leaders of debtor companies, such as JSC "Khmelnitsky Mechanical Plant" and PF "Prospektbud" (m. Khmelnitsky), BF "Derazhniansky Canned Fruit Plant Khmelnitsky oblspozhyvspilky. " Total debt on economically active enterprises is 4.2 mln. UAH., Including debts of enterprises. Khmelnitsky is 35.0% of the debt in the region. A significant amount of owed wages remains to bankrupt enterprises - 4.5 mln. UAH, more than 54.0% are debts Polonsky district and the city of Khmelnitsky. Mikhail drew the attention of local authorities, the Government, the President forbidden to interfere in the business, but not for those who violate labor laws. "Why in key cities of owners of private medical offices pay wages of 260 USD., While the minimum amount of earn combosbit fee for a simple, unskilled labor is 1218 hryvnia? - He said - the same situation in the hospitality industry, in construction. In my opinion - is a complete lack of control of local authorities. " Reported at

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