Tips from SAI: Do not ignore the rules of traffic rules, especially on vacation (+ photos)

Currently the summer holiday season and, consequently, on the roads has increased significantly the concentration of transport. In the long-awaited vacation, people usually go with their families. To the road to the rest brought only pleasant memories, the State workers Reevenenschyny remind drivers of the need to meet the requirements of traffic rules. Unfortunately, adhere to safety regulations but not all. Trying to reach as soon as the destination, drivers often violate speed mode, rules maneuver, overtaking, driving spend 10-12 hours without rest breaks, which often leads to traffic accidentswith severe consequences. Statistically exceeding safe speed is the main cause of accidents in which people are killed and injured. Today speeding or discrepancy of specific road conditions are a major cause of accidents committing worldwide die each year as a result of which the injury and get tysyachi people. Moreover, according to statistics of road accidents by increasing the speed of the severity of the consequences of an accident increases exponentially! It is worth paying attention to the transportation of children in vehicles. If the car you are transporting children need to warn them to come out of the car on the right side when you stopIlisu on the sidelines to avoid them direct access to the roadway and do not create a dangerous situation. Remember that transport children up to 12 years in the front seat of the car is strictly prohibited. For transportation of small children need to purchase and equip a special chair that the child felt comfortable and safe. Also Mr.BC forget to buckle safety belts. Remember! They can save your life and the life of a passenger in the event of an emergency. If you follow our recommendations, you will always be safe! Happy and safe roads you! It was reported the press service of STI of MIA of Ukraine in Rivne region