In Chernihiv region in the local pond elderly woman drowned

A dry and hot weather, people increasingly come to rest in rivers and lakes. Who is fishing, and who and rinse with clean Voditsa. The swimming season has just begun, and the waters Chernihiv have drowned 10 people. The last case occurred on June 9 in. Solonivka Horodnyanment area where a rural pond locals found and raised to the surface of the body of 86-year-old woman. She lived alone, because the circumstances of her death are currently being investigated. Rescuers emphasize once again: to avoid the tragedy, while resting on the water should be as careful and follow basic safety rules: Do not swim in unfamiliar places not swim too far from shore, do not swim drunk ch ’ yaninnya not leave children unattended! UDSNS in Chernihiv region