Vinnytchina: take care of forests against fire; Fire

- is always a big problem! A fire in lisi- is double the trouble! From her dying valuable plantings, ground flora, forest animals and birds. Fire danger is exacerbated in the forests and in the summer, and early spring, spark nepohaslyy match, cigarette butt can bring big trouble. Not decompose inthis time in the forest fire! Do not leave behind rags, oiled paper or other things that can burn. If you see that burns the forest, do not panic! Try to knock down the flames own branches or bushes fill the fire ground. About forest fire inform state forest protection or village council, police department, fire department or natureenforcement bodies. Remember, fire in the woods - a terrible misfortune! From her for a few hours can burn everything vyroschuvalosya decades. Be careful in the woods! Strictly follow all fire requirements! Dear Podilians, naturalists! Take care of our forests from fires Podolsk! Be true friends of nature! "Rules of fire safety in forests Ukrayiny "during the fire risk period is prohibited: - Breeding in forest fires; - Heat the territory of forest (except transit routes) vehicles and other mechanisms; - Visiting population conifer plantations at high ambient temperatures; - Smoking, throw in a forest outstanding matches, cigarette butts; - Remainsobmaschene you in the woods, soaked with gasoline, kerosene, grease rags; - Fill fuel in wood fuel tanks while the engine; - Operate the machines and other mechanisms and iskrohasnoyu faulty fuel system; - To smoke or use open fire during work on fuel and lubricants; - To use inwording wads made of combustible materials; - Placed closer than 100 m from the wall of pine forest, 50 m - mixed, 20 m - deciduous forest stocks lubricants, gas stations, garbage, residential and industrial premises; - Burn grass and other plant debris on forest lands, as well as other land deedsyankah, directly adjacent to the forest (including agricultural spending fell); - Leave in the construction of roads, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, electricity networks, communications wood residues and flammable waste; - Dump and burn in forest plantations debris, construction residues, household waste and combustible; - Carry inthe forest without the consent of the permanent forest users work using explosives and other combustible materials. Article 77 of the Administrative Code of Ukraine provides for violation of fire safety rules a fine of 51 to 170 hryvnia. Vinnitsa Regional Forestry and hunting This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration