In Chernivtsi region rescuers conducting sightseeing tours for students prishkolnyh

camps with the beginning of summer vacations in schools began to work the land prishkolnom camps. Yes, as part of their work, students often visit fire-rescue units Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region. For example, June 10 to lateavalnu trip to the Museum of Fire and rescue, which operates under the Office DSNS and is a regional center on the street. Lesi Ukrainian, visiting students prishkolnyh camps multi Chernivtsi Lyceum number 4 and number 6 Chernivtsi gymnasium 7. rescuers and told the children about the development of fire protection Chernivtsi region, the first literatemention of which extend from the time of the Austrian Empire. They showed examples of technology that was used while firefighters uniforms, samples of old pieces of munitions world wars to the present day are in the province. Also, rescuers told lyceum and the accident at the Chernobyl atomher power and participation Bukovynian firefighters in emergency response. This event in the museum dedicated to a room that displayed interesting exhibits. Children learn many interesting things about those tragic events and the heroic feat of the people who were to fight with nuclear danger. After visiting the museum the children were invited to tour the Statesbut fire-rescue units 1. Rescuers showed machinery and equipment, which is in the fire and rescue vehicles and fire fighter and rescue units used for fire suppression, assistance in case of accidents, dismantling of debris and various exceptional events where need help peobeing helpless. Also allowed kids to try on clothes firefighters battle and respiratory protection devices. This rescuers told the children about their properties and characteristics. The whole event was accompanied by reminding students about the importance of following safety rules. In particular, children were reminded that during the summer holidays kids often spendone's own free time on the water or in the forest. This required ’ be sure to follow safety rules, because the smallest distraction can lead to disaster. In addition, while walking is likely identify unknown suspicious items since the last time such incidents in Chernivtsi more frequent. In such cases, by flatlyboronyayetsya touch them and should immediately call the People's rescue 101. Press service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region