In Khmelnytsky on chemically hazardous enterprises comprehensive tactical exercise held June 16 at the

Ltd. « Bilohir ’ yamolokoprodukt » was a comprehensive tactical training in emergency response manmade with staff about ’ yektovyh emergency units and operational services heavenONU. For tactical plan, due to depressurization system compressor with liquefied ammonia leak happened and evaporation of hazardous chemicals. Founded cloud is moving towards the residential area. Among the existing staff is « & raquo ;. victims Firefighters 24th state fire-rescue post town. Bilohir 'I quickly came to place a call and conducted reconnaissance, during which conventional localized accident and conducted simultaneously search and rescue. &Laquo; affected » employees members of volunteer fire brigades about ’ of the object were evacuated and handed over to doctors who provided medical assistance and was taken to the inpatient medicalinstitutions. Employees of emergency services of electric power and gas disconnected network link post radiation-chemical observations about ’ air measurements of the object held in the presence of a NHR. Police officers organized environment accident area, to ensure the protection of public order and safety regulation of traffic. Similar studies provodjatsya to improve leadership skills and service personnel, operational-rescue service, heads of emergency services district in bringing subordinate authorities, forces and facilities in readiness for action intended to eliminate the emergency, surf ’ connected with leakage and evaporation of hazardousimichnoyi substance. District Belogorsky sector PG DSNS in Khmelnytsky region