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Because of the illegal felling of trees in the "Park Bozdosh" officers of the municipal enterprise Uzhgorod city council faces criminal responsibility

Prosecution Uzhgorod information included in YERDR charges of official negligence officials KP « Recreation Park & ??laquo; Bozdosh » Uzhgorod city council. Howsaid Acting Prosecutor of Uzhgorod Serhiy Krasnogolovets, during the preliminary investigation of the criminal proceedings on the fact of illegal felling of trees and shrubs within the circuit about ’ of the object of course – reserve fund - Park city ’ see destinations landscape art of local importance « Park Bozdosh » was found Mon.Al 80 stumps of felled trees species ash, maple, alder, elder. State Environmental Inspectorate in Zakarpattya region were calculated damage inflicted state Illegal logging within the territory of course – reserve fund - Park city ’ see destinations landscape art of local importance « Bozdosh Park & ??raquo; - it is more than 73 thousand UAH. Furthermore, according to project materials on land management organization and establish the boundaries of territories of nature reserve fund « Bozdosh Park & ??raquo; is under the protection, preservation and maintenance of the CP « Recreation Park & ??laquo; Bozdosh » Uzhgorod city council by televisiontion Liabilities ’ Liabilities, issued by the State management of environmental resources in the Transcarpathian region in 2005. With the sanction of Part 1 of Art. 367 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - negligence punishable up to three years imprisonment with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years. Press service of Prosecutor Zacarpatskoyi area