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Vinnytchina: What you need to know about the Lightning Defeat

lightning is not frequent enough. It is ten millionth share risk. However, even this meager chance can be minimized if you follow a few important rules and tips. Terms of zippers and characteristics Charges atmospheric electricity accumulated in clouds, which are called&Laquo; storm & raquo ;. We distinguish their height, dark and menacing « blue » appearance and eddies that provischuyut approaching storm. The cloud constantly feed steam rising air, which soaring eagles and storks, looking for these « aerial lifts » using sensitive now ’ tries on the tips of the wings. Onlyublyayut them « birds Steel & raquo ;, but should vchuvatysya in the electric field « cloud-to-ground & raquo ;, to avoid the lightning. Where and why lightning strikes When moving storm front from air friction between the ground and the clouds formed a huge potential difference. The phenomenon of something like a gigantic capacitor that NACopychuye energy. Therefore meteosensitive people can become ill before the storm, even if it was there, in the thin electric electrical interference may occur, and the radio signal can not pass through the storm front. A discharge of static electricity is usually the path of least electrical resistance – along ionizedChannel, built “ Running leader ” . Since the subject between the highest and cumulus distance less, respectively, and lower the electrical resistance. Thus, the first lightning strike in a high object (mast, wood, etc.). At this time there are multiple instant electric discharge. We see him as a single very bright “ seamless ” lightning, but in the distance we hear the thunder, as successive instant lightning discharges on one channel formed from 10-15 to 80 and even 100 in some cases. Lightning usually form similar to branched roots of a tree which grew in the sky. The length of the linear lightning is a few kilometers, but can Dr.20 km comprehend more. The main channel of lightning has several vidhaluzhendovzhynoyu 2-3 km. The diameter of the channel of lightning is 10 to 45 cm. The total duration of the lightning is a few tenths of a second. The average speed of lightning 150 km / s. Current strength within the channel of lightning reaches 200 000 Amps. Why more storms over landS than the sea To rozryadylosya cloud in the air under it must be a sufficient number of ions. The air consists of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, contains ions, and it is very difficult to ionize even in an electric field. But if the air a lot of foreign particles, such as dust, even under many ions. Ions are formed when particles movingin the air just as electrified by friction one against one other materials. Obviously, the dust in the air a lot more over land than over water. Therefore, thunder storms over land frequently. To reduce risk during a storm in the open: &Bull; You can not hide under tall trees, especially rare. The most dangerous of these isoak and poplar. Very rare lightning hits the willow i maple, and the least likely of the attack on the bush overgrown low. &Bull; In open space to sit better in a pit or trench. The body must have at least points of contact with the ground, do not lie on the ground, for the same lesion increases the area of ??the discharge, but rather should sit slightly nahnuvshy head toit was above objects that are nearby. &Bull; Do not hide in small buildings, huts, houses, tents, especially among the islands of trees. You also can not escape. &Bull; If you have two, three or more, – not skupchuytesya together in secret and hide yourself because discharge is known pepebihaye through the contact of human bodies. Stayingin storage, keep the legs together and not scattered, thereby limiting the area of ??possible defeat discharge; should immediately get rid ycix metal objects that are on you or in you, shovels, axes, knives, bracelets – place in a secure place away from yourself. &Bull; You can not swim during a storm, but if the storm caught while swimming, then ffId get to shore slowly, quietly, not waving his hands. &Bull; Being in the mountains Avoid various performances and promotions. &Bull; Dangerous can i metal objects, therefore should not be near them. &Bull; Refrain make phone calls, the great need do it quickly as soon as the next lightning discharge.&Bull; If you are in an open place and suddenly feel the hair stand on end, a slight tingling on the skin or hear a strange sound vibration emanating from objects, which means lightning is about to strike! These sensations occur for 3-4 seconds before the lightning strike. Immediately Bend forward, his hands resting on his knees (not the earth). Legs coveredERI be together, Mr. ’ mint pressed to each other (otherwise discharge will pass through the body). Electric lightning passing through the human body is common violations. In places of entry and exit burns electrical discharge produced fabrics that resemble burns of III-IV degree. Sometimes the skin appear treelike branching redand stripes. Man loses consciousness, decreased body temperature, breathing stops, depressed heart function, possible observation status “ imaginary ” death, which does not audible breathing and pulse, eyes wide, not reacting to light. Leather pale. In light impression there dizziness, tinnitus,weakness, loss of consciousness. When providing first aid: 1. Place the victim on a hard surface in a horizontal position 2. If a person is lucky and it has a shock (loss of speech, conscience) – Try to remove her from the shock (are carrying ammonia – let). Call 103. 3. If a lightning strike was direct and silnym – should make early CPR “ mouth-to-mouth ” and indirect heart massage 4. Try resuscitation without interruption, since only 10 have a maximum of 15 minutes, then the chances of rescue are very scarce. 5. Memory ’ Yatai – during a storm should not hide the water that falls from the sky actually hide and escapemust lightning, because it kills it! Can a person survive after lightning Yes. Man has significant chances of survival during a lightning strike. First, although the temperature during discharge is high enough, but it usually lasts long and does not always lead to serious burns. Second, the main lightning current often runson the surface of the body. Because most people are not affected by lightning die. According to various estimates dying from 5% to 30% affected. Your chances of survival are greatly increased, if there is a man who knows how to do artificial respiration and heart massage. Most lightning victims look like dead, but in fact they occurred cardiac arrest. Immediatethe use of artificial respiration and cardiac massage can bring them back to life. Press Service of Ukraine HUDSNS in Vinnytsia region