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Operation "Bus-2015": drivers continue to violate traffic rules

As part of "Bus-2015" platoon maintenance workers stationary traffic police post 2 RDPS was stopped bus "PAZ". The driver of the vehicle vehicle deviated from the prescribed route. Violation of traffic rules drawn up on the driver a protocol on administrative offense under Part. 3 st 133-1 CAO (Violation rules of service and security requirements when providing transportation services passengers or goods by road). In addition, employees of the same platoon stopped a bus brands "Mercedes". The driver of a bus carrying passengers in excess of the norm Technical characteristics of the vehicle. For violationI was a driver SDA protocol on administrative offense under Part 1 Art. 121-2 CAO (Violation rules of transportation of passengers in the provision of passenger). State car calls volynyan assert their right to services and safety during transport in vehicles. STI of MIA of Ukraine in Vollynskiy regionAsti