A young resident of the area Derevianko Svetlana won the All-Ukrainian children's literary contest on fire and

man-made themes Volunteer Fire Company of Ukraine jointly with the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies organized and conducted in 2015 Ukrainian children's literary contest on fire and tehnohunspecified theme « protecting the country from disaster & raquo ;. Opening the event organizers aim to put them involving children of all ages to study and popularization of fire and technological safety, forming their skills careful handling of fire, fostering a sense of responsibility for the safety from fire and other emergenciess environmental situations. The competition started in January 2015 with the district (city) phase, then the children competed in the regional stage, and already, in April, the organizers conducted Ukrainian final stage. All participants are divided into three age groups: 6 to 10; 11 to 14 and from 15 to 18 years. Evaluation work was carried on bysible categories: richness, style, literacy presentation, originality and compliance topics. The regional committee has selected to participate in the nationwide stage 12 and 8 art poetry on fire and man-made themes. Thus, the results of Ukrainian competition of children's work on fire and technological topics Zhytomyrand has one winner Svetlana Trees ’ Janko, author of a work « The Tale of smart pigs & raquo ;. Svetlana resident Pershotravnevsk Baranovsky village district. The girl in the younger age group (6-10 years), in the category of « poetry » won the honorable second place. So Zhytomyr land proud winner and wish her claimodalshomu conquest of Mount Olympus and man-made fire! Results Ukrainian children's literary contest on fire and man-made themes in the scientific journal production « Fire and Technical Safety 5 (20) (2015). Poetry « The Tale of smart pigs & raquo ;. Author – Svetlana Trees ’ Janko (town PershotravEnsk, Baranovsky district, Zhytomyr region). In DSNS in Zhytomyr region