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For effective quality education in Ternopil optimize network

Due to the deteriorating demographic situation, starting with the 1998/1999 academic years, the tendency to reduce the number of students each year an average of 3-4 thousand. Only in 2012 this figure decreased to 2,400 students in 2013 to 1,700 students, and in 2014 rotsand - 0,2 thousand students. As a result, reducing the number of secondary schools and reduce their density. Especially acute these processes gained in rural areas, where the average occupancy has declined schools and classes. The result of these changes is an increase in the number of students enrolled for individual learning, with 2138 studentsin 2011/2012 academic year to 2,123 this year. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of education, because at one such student stands 5-8 hours of study a week, four times less than in class-task system. Among the negative consequences of even a significant increase in the cost of maintenance of secondary schools. Overall in 2014/ 2015 academic year, 180 were operating in ungraded schools, then when the 2004/2005 academic year, their number was only 60. Education authorities analyzed the situation on the ground regarding the functioning of secondary schools given projected demographic changes and approved, in agreement withlocal executive plan of action to optimize network secondary school, which is to ensure the quality of education, equal access to it, the economic efficiency of the educational institutions and diversification of educational services provided. According to their available data, in 2015 it is planned to close (suspend activities) 31 zahalnoosvitnoho school (4 IIst secondary school. secondary school and 21 in.). A reorganization - 19. "According to the order of the Head of February 13, 2015 79 units, the Department of Education and Science RSA ordered from 02.03.2015r. 70 About measures on local budgets, economical and rational use of resursiv "- said the director of the Department of Education and Science of Ternopil Regional State Administration Lubomir Krupa. - One of the points management is to optimize ungraded network of secondary schools, including through reorganization of educational complexes' general education, pre-school, "that despite the shnicircumstances are necessary. " This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration