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Rescuers involved in Khmelnytsky Oblast Championship Football

on June 14 at the stadium « & raquo ;, Lokomotiv in the neighborhood Hrechany regional center, in a fierce wrestling football team came together employees of the Main Department DSNS in Khmelnytsky region « Rescue » Coach and city. Starokostiantyniv. West pruvsya in the third round of the championship of Khmelnytsky Oblast Organization of Ukrainian sports society « Colossus » of football, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Company. The match was very tense and dramatic. Our team initially captured the gaming and territorial advantage and have 45 minutes toidkryla account. Yes, players « lifeguards » were the lead the whole game, but in the last seconds of meeting Starokonstantinov team still managed to equalize the game, bringing the score « 1: 1 & raquo ;. FC « Rescue » already held match with « polonium » from the city. Polonnoe and « Gorin » from the city. Iziaslav recorderse still hold matches of « pearl-skirts-2 » from the village. Bilohir ’ i and « Sugar-Ear » from the city. Starokostiantyniv, who also were in the group A.Polon Rescue Team, composed of staff of the Main Directorate of Fire and rescue units field is a team of security forcesland, participating in football competitions at this level. In total, 20 teams from districts divided into three groups. Among the participants of the championship are the teams of different business organizations, rescuers and sports schools. So wish firefighters who successfully « retrained » in football, success and victories on the pitch. GIn DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region