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Volyn region, rescuers Liubeshiv area taught people the rules of behavior of fire in the home

June 16 rescuers Liubeshiv UDSNS district department of Ukraine in the Volyn region in order to prevent fires in the living areas and the deaths conducted educational campaigns on fire safety in settlements with Berezychivskoyiilskoyi Council. Experts made DSNS homestead detours and handed peasants materials with appeals for the need to observe fire protection requirements, emphasized that in hot weather should be very careful with open fire and flammable materials in private households. After all, only by following the simple, but effective protyphose Ladder rules can save his life. In addition, the consent of the owners rescuers examined the estate village residents, focusing on fire every nuance of character and informed about ways to address them. Such raids will continue further testing on the territory of the whole region, – stress and rescuers warn youkonuvaty all fire demands, and in case of fire to call « 101 & raquo ;. In DSNS in Volyn region