For intervention prosecutor returned to the territorial community Uzhhorodschyny land area of ??nearly 1

ha for interference Uzhgorod inter-district economic court prosecutors Transcarpathian region satisfied the claim - namely, returned to the territorial community land area of ??almost 1 hectare and normative monetary value of over 600 thousand UAH. How tovidomyv Uzhgorod interdistrict prosecutor Alexander Andryshyn, the results of monitoring the Unified State Register of judgments Prosecutor's Office found that the proceedings Zakarpattia Oblast Economic Court lawsuit was Holmkivskoyi village council to a private entrepreneur of termination by termination of the lease seplot, return it to the reserve lands of the village council and collection of rent arrears. Established that the entrepreneur during the years 2011-2014 used the land in the territory Holmkivskoyi village council area of ??almost 1 hectare, regulatory monetary value of over 600 thousand UAH., But contrary to the contract requirementsLand, Tax Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine « On Land Lease » tenant rents the budget not systematically and paid, resulting in local budget nedotrymav cash. Therefore, the prosecution was made entry to the specified case and solution Economic Court of Zakarpattya region claims ruralCouncil who supported the inter-district prosecutor's office Uzhgorod satisfied in full. The decision of the court appeal against the defendant in appeal and cassation, but left higher judicial authorities in legal force. Press service of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region