Vinnitsa - the first Ukrainian city that received the "European energy award" (+ photos)

As part of Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine during the opening of the IX International Conference "From the Covenant of Mayors for energy independence: Challenge accepted!", Which will be held in June 16-17, the city of Vinnytsia awarded "European Energy award." Getting fromAmbassador of Switzerland to Ukraine Christian Shonenberhera high international award Acting Vinnitsa mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunov said: "Five years ago Vinnitsa joined the initiative of the European Commission" Covenant of Mayors ", and we have undertaken a voluntary commitment to the implementation of energy efficiency measures - pidkreslyv it. - And, by and large, for the last four years we have achieved those successes that we have, and for the people - a high quality of services and cost savings. So I want to first thank His Excellency, Mr. Ambassador and Representative Petri Widmer-SDC our other international partners for their close cooperationWhich took place over the years and very great support and help. " Annual Conference that will unite Ukrainian cities that are leaders in energy efficiency and energy saving, conducts Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine" together with the Vinnitsa City Council under the auspices of the Covenant of Mayors. Organizers seek afterut attract the attention of financial institutions and authorities to Ukrainian cities, show the steps taken in these cities toward energy efficiency, their positive practical examples and projects. Participation in the International Forum on Energy took the head of the regional state administration Valery Cow, received the certificate certifying roleVinnitsa region as regional coordinator in the region implementing energy efficiency measures in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. "The certificate is a kind reminder management area that Vinnytsia and Zhmerinka already working within the Covenant of Mayors, it is necessary to involve other cities in the region that have significant experience in introducingand measures of energy efficiency and conservation, "- said Deputy Governor Vasily the industry. Among the invited guests of the conference - representatives of government agencies, diplomatic missions, donor organizations and international organizations, NGOs, Ukrainian cities - signatories of the Covenant of Mayors and members of the Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine ", as well as practitioners, experts and consultants. Before the plenary honorable guests attended the briefing for media "With the Covenant of Mayors for energy independence." Reference: European energy award (YEEV) launched the Swiss Confederation in 1988 - an international instrument supportedymky cities aimed at sustainable energy policy and urban development through the rational use of energy and increasing the share of renewables in the energy balance of the city. At more than 1200 cities from 12 countries participating in YEEV, over 600 of which have received this award. It postswashed in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration