In the Rivne region with the beginning of the summer holidays in guidance Demydivtsi not stop

Path to choice of profession begins in childhood. To properly navigate in the choice of professions, kids need to learn more about them. That is why Demidov District Employment Centre has an active vocational work with students, startingor the youngest. Do not stop it and the summer. Interactive activities for students using mobile vocational guidance center held a regional employment center specialists 9 and 15 June prishkolnyh camps Verbensky secondary school art. Hrinnytskoyi and secondary school c., as well as camp "Seagull" and CE "ChildrenSanatorium "Hrinnyky." The children told their parents about the profession, "trying" them for yourself, vidhaduvaly puzzles, interesting exercises performed, demonstrating erudition and wit. In addition, the students participated in the contest "My future profession". Authors of the best works received prizes from the employment service. Children learned about services Zai Servicenyatosti, current labor market profession. In total 145 participants informative and entertaining events received a lot of useful and interesting information, enriched their outlook. Measures announcement ended the most active players and award winners. Students have acquired new knowledge discovered a lot from the world of professions and specialists centru employment enjoyed socializing with the younger generation. Residents of Palm and provided legal advice. Adults who had to vocational activities in terms of current legislation on employment helped to understand legal adviser Alexander Romaniuk. This was reported in Rivne city employment center