At Vinnytsia strengthen fire prevention measures in the woods and train with fire (+ photos)

Such commission announced the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk during the June 15 meeting of the State commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies, held in selector mode. Vinnitsa region in regional studies representaYaly head of the regional state administration Valery Cow, the Deputy Governor Vasily brewers and heads of individual departments in the region. During the meeting, the Prime Minister touched upon issues of fire safety as the fire and explosive objects, and in the forests of Ukraine with the task to strengthen measures to prevent possible emergencies. ArsenYatsenyuk also said that the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in January this year was obliged to examine about 6000 fire and explosive objects. 30% of these inspections are carried out. "If you see that the object is not equipped with the necessary tools and means fire identification and fire prevention,such a facility should be close and oblige the owner to immediately execute order ", - the Head of Government, referring to the head of the State Service for Emergency Situations. In view of the summer, Yatsenyuk also stressed the necessity to strengthen fire prevention in forests. In particular, he stressed that, accordingthe Forest Code, responsibility for compliance with fire safety, including for fire equipment, fire and extinguishing fires, forest users have it. Thus instructed to check for the presence of forest users have adequate means to combat fires. "I appeal to the heads of regional administrations to keBureau's regional divisions emergency services - all who have to use forests should provide a workable technique, continuous review and monitoring of forests. I must do everything to ensure that this summer, when the situation is extremely dangerous for fires in the woods, we passed ", - said the Prime Minister. Yatsenyuk takozh stressed the need to increase the number of foot patrols in the forests by involving temporary measures such additional number of people and ordered all forest users in Ukraine to conduct training exercises with fire. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration