In Ternopil opened in Losyatin line with the manufacture of fuel briquettes

village community Losyatin that Kremenechchyni, zrealizuvala another project of UNDP "Local Development CBA" - the village started the line for the production of fuel pellets. This project was made possible by European fundingUnion, United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine together with the agricultural service cooperative "Berry paradise." The head of the regional council again welcomed the efforts of rural communities to use all opportunities to raise funds from various funds and programs to address Losyatin. "Under water lying gathers no moss - a known Ukrainiansaying most of the community is characterized by good Losyatin - said Vasily Hominets. - Hope Village head Zalevskaya doing everything possible to village prospered and developed, it unites the community. It is proven efficiency and capacity of the cooperative movement in human settlements development area .. This movement supported its robackfires, joint problem solving are just members of the community - and this is very important .. Because people themselves determine their priorities. I am confident that with the launch of a line of manufacture of fuel briquettes Losyatin lose energy dependence on our northern neighbors. " Basil Hominets presented clearly Ternopil regional council head of the villageHope Zalewski and thanked for active citizenship and the development of the village. Cooperative members will have the opportunity to buy at cost briquettes for heating homes and social facilities. And it is up to UAH 1,000 per ton. They produce the circumcision stems of raspberries, which massively cultivated in the village of straw etc. Efficiency of the fingeryva, experts say, is very high. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional council