383 Chernivtsi entrepreneur rest from taxes

but only for one month. Within five months of this year 383 entrepreneur - a single tax payers have exercised their right to "tax" holiday. In accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine private entrepreneurs, a single tax payers 1 and 2 groups that do not use PRAthis salaried persons are exempt from paying the single tax once a year on vacation during one calendar month. In addition, no tax is payable only for the period of illness, confirmed copy of medical certificate if it lasts more than 30 days. Information about the annual holiday period and terms of loss of able bodiedness of the mandatory addition of up medical certificate submitted to the territorial authority DFS an application in any form. In order to avoid abuse of the term for payment of advance payments recommended to submit the application to the tax authority for a period of annual leave before the holiday, but a statement on the term disabilityand with the addition of optional medical certificate copies - immediately after the hospital. It should also be remembered that the single tax payers are also taxpayers Single Contribution. The current legislation does not provide benefits for paying for the holidays. Single Social Tax paid regardless of whether the financial condition of taxpayerstaxes and without postponement of payment. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council