Chairman at the town MSEK, which took money from Lutsk confirmation of disability, was placed in jail

Since the entry into force of a guilty verdict against the head at the town medical-social expert commission, which, together with two members of the committee demanded and received illegal benefits from Lutsk for confirmation of disabilityand passed a half months. All this time posadovytsya evaded the execution of court decisions and was wanted. However, on Saturday, June 13, 2015, she was arrested and taken to prison. Later head MSEK vidbuvatyme sentence of actual imprisonment. Recall posadovytsyu and her two colleagues were detained April 2014 " the hot " when receiving undue benefits from luchanyna from which they demanded three thousand. UAH. for verifying 3 group disability. Pre-trial investigation was established 25 episodes of criminal activity physicians who received almost 23 thousand. UAH. undue advantage of the disabled. Lutsk city district court verdict the threedoctors were found guilty of committing corruption offenses. Chairman at the town medical-social expert commission appointed sentence of 5 years imprisonment with confiscation of property, and both doctors - in the form of 4 years in prison installing a 2-year probationary period. All three denied Aesculapius embrace 3 yearshave positions in health care facilities. Doctors - MSEC members agreed with the verdict, the head of the commission challenged his appeal. The Court of Appeal Volyn region prystavshy on arguments prosecutors left Lutsk city district court verdict on it in force. Therefore posadovytsya is now behind bars. Two other doctors firedEnoh from office. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region