In the Zhytomyr region rescuers helped out a woman who fell into a ravine

June 14 at about 22:00 point called ’ communication 20th state of the Fire and Rescue meters. Korostyshiv received a message from the service « 103 » to help make the victim a man from the ravine. How can ’ it turned out, 61-year-old resident of Korostyshiv night onreturned home on a bicycle. Do not coped with management, she ’ rode into a ravine. Doctors, which caused occasional eyewitnesses, a long time tried to bring the woman to the road, but they did not succeed. Too steep descent is not allowed to help them get injured, which was in a state of shock. DSNS fighters who came to the scene,with a special outfit got to the victim. They OBV ’ yazaly her rope and slowly pidtyahnuly to him. After that got her vehicle. No serious injuries she received, she took only scratches. Doctors gave her first aid. From the woman refused hospitalization. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region