Chernivtsi: VIP-car owners to July 1 will receive tax notices

vehicle tax payers are physical and legal entities, including non-residents who have registered in Ukraine own cars that were used for 5 years and have a cylinder volume more than 3,000 cubic meters. cm. Under Article 267 of the Tax CodeUkraine, calculating the amount of tax from the object / taxable citizens - individuals supervisory authority carried out at the place of the taxpayer. Subsection 267.6.2 p. 267.6 Art. 267 CLE determined that tax notice-decision to pay the amount of tax and the corresponding payment details are sent to the taxpayer Controlembracing authority at the place of registration before July 1, the basic tax period (year). Regarding taxable acquired during the year, the tax payable by an individual payer from the month in which there was ownership of an object. Supervisory authority sends tax notice, a decision to the new owner after receiving msgReference information on the transfer of ownership. The tax rate is set based on the calendar year of 25 000 for each car that is subject to taxation. Transport tax paid by individuals, within 60 days of delivery of notice of tax solutions. This was reported in Chernivtsi citythe council