Chernovtsy not delay the payment of land tax on the last day

citizens every year - payers of land tax to July 1, sent tax notices-decisions, demanding payment for the land. Must pay within 60 days after delivery of such notification solution, ie until 29 August. We remind you that in accordance with Art. P 287Additional Code Ukraine land owners and land users pay for the land from the date of ownership or right to use land. Payers of land tax are land owners, land shares (shares) and land users, both legal and natural persons. The law provides for individuals Downhillment benefits for land tax. In particular, according to p.281.1 st.281 Tax Code of Ukraine on land tax exempt: the disabled first and second groups; individuals who are raising three or more children under the age of 18; pensioners (by age); war veterans and persons covered by the Law of Ukraine "On StatusVeterans, Guarantees their social protection "; individuals recognized by law by persons who suffered most from the Chernobyl disaster. For these people are incentives per each type of land within the norms established by the Land Code, for subsidiary farming - at a rate of not more than 2 hectares; for the construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings (homestead section): in the villages - no more than 0.25 hectares, in villages - no more than 0.15 hectares in urban areas - 0.10 hectares; for an individual country construction - no more than 0.10 hectares; for construction of individual garages - no more than 0.01 hectares; for Leadspare gardening - no more than 0.12 hectares. Note that citizens have reason to get benefits for land tax must submit to tax authorities documents certifying their right to benefits. For many Chernivtsi residents received tax notices solutions, but citizens are entitled and to apply to the claimAdditional inspections at the location of land for the message. Postpone payment of land tax to the last day is not necessary, because the next day the deadline applicable law provides penalties: In case of delayed payment of tax to 30 days - 10% over 30 days - 20% of the taxdebt. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council