At Vinnytsia Regional Development Council approved the proposals for local government reform, in turn - their consideration Constitutional Commission

The Regional Development Council at the first meeting on June 12 approved a proposal for amendments to the Constitution in the part of local government reform and decentralization, which soon budis sent to the Constitutional Commission. First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration Vitaliy Kovalchuk said at a briefing following the meeting of the Council: "The main positive was consolidated view of amendments to the Constitution regarding the organization of local government reform and decentralization. All members of the Council supportedreturning to the Constitutional Commission on this matter. " The Council proposes a basic model to the Polish local government and decentralization. According to the proposals of the regional development, the formation of the Constitutional Commission of amendments to the Constitution must be observed that the system of local self-government based on the principles Yevropeyskoyi Charter of Local Self-Government. Ukraine ratified this document more than 15 years ago, but the implementation of its principles began only last year. This is the principle of subsidiarity, financial self-sufficiency and universality. In addition, it is necessary to record that the basic territorial unit is the local community. Next, havingbe fixed in the Constitution - a three-tier structure of local government, including the community level, districts and regions, said Vitaliy Kovalchuk. With a clear separation of powers major local issues are addressed at the community level. Also, the First Deputy Head of the UBA, it is necessary to ensure and provide for a constitutionalutsiyi right of local administrations to monitor and supervise the activities of local government. In addition to changes to the law, the board discussed the implementation of the Law "On voluntary association of communities." Already 7 regions developed and adopted future plans association, said Vitaliy Kovalchuk. Last Visitnoted the need to ensure consolidated work the rest of local state administrations and local authorities - district and local councils, involving mayors - to develop long-term plans in the short term. In the future, municipalities, if desired, can use these plans to merge. The Boardnoted the need to ensure proper information and consultation and outreach among citizens of Ukraine. People have to understand the effectiveness of these changes for each citizen to make sure that the union of local communities will be the voluntary, not forced, the First Deputy Head of UBA. It was decided to placex expand the activities of local councils, regional development, to dialogue held at the level of heads of local state administrations and heads of local governments, mayors, experts and opinion leaders. To implement the decisions of the Council will be created five working groups - on legal support of the state regionalSecond policies and decentralization of power, on inter-regional integration and cooperation on fiscal decentralization and intergovernmental relations and on regional development based on public-private partnerships, as well as information and advisory support for the reform process of decentralization of power. Reported to Ittion RSA