Chernovchane offer to design new advertising stands

New Design stand for placing advertising advertising and social announcements presented communal CCE "Advertising" (photo attached). Signal sample stand is installed on the street Heroes Square nearby trolley stop "Colossus." Stand bilateral, metal, Dressingenyy silhouette residence. Approximate cost of one stand - 4530 UAH. Stands of the sample planned to install in the streets of Heroes Square, hundreds of Heaven, Komarova and n. Stands will be made after a public examination. CCE "Advertising" to be June 22 suggestions and comments on the design of Chernivtsi stands at ul.Gaidar, 4, tel. / Fax: +380 (372) 55-14-18; mob. + 38 (050) 374-27-00; e-mail: [email protected], site Reference Advertising and information boards and warning signs installed to clean the city from unauthorized advertising placed on electrical, bus stops, fences, trees and variousfacilities improvement. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council