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Volyn region: employees DSNS study the situation with the functioning of the rescue posts on waters edge

employees on June 15 Manevychi police station UDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region, together with representatives of local authorities conducted a raid on the site of mass recreation – Trosne lake near the village Karasin Manevychiarea. Pond and beach on the coast on the eve of the swimming season organs district authorities have identified as suitable for recreation. So rescuers with the village head village Karasin inspected the beach and reminded citizens who rested there, the rules of safe behavior. In addition, rescuers handed people who conducted Allowllya on the beach cards from the rules of safe behavior on the water and warned strictly observe basic requirements for their own safety. To comply with the rules of protection of life in the lake Trosne operates rescue post. Rescuers were convinced that departmental post equipped as required. Specifically, boat lifeline and Mrs.letamy. Sailors rescue, guarding the lives and safety of tourists, properly trained and have the skills to save lives and provide them with first aid. By the way, even the sailors secured the necessary medical facilities to assist. On the eve of the swimming season was held underwater diving survey chastyny ??bottom waters. Evidence of this – appropriate documentation that confirms the possibility of a safe holiday, namely act diving inspection of passport underwater part of the area, measuring the depth map and the act of removing obstacles from the bottom. In addition, an agreement is made permanent and obligations ’ these patterns of water about service ’ of the objectState of emergency services. Raid team also got acquainted with the materials of life safety, placed on a special stand on the beach. Incidentally, the resting place equipped with locker rooms and other household premises recreational purposes. So, for people who rest there, not created proper conditionsonly the security, but also domestic nature. Rescuers warned: the knowledge and implementation of rules of conduct on the water is the key bezpekyta quality rest. Worth city ’ favorites that basic conditions Security is the right choice and equipping swimming, adult and children swimming skills, as well as strict adherence to related rulesedinky while swimming and riding on boats and constant monitoring of children in the water. In DSNS in Volyn region