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Chernihiv Youth Day will celebrate the new format

The complex "Blue Lake" located in the village Oleshnya Ripky area from 18 to 21 June will be the International Youth Festival "Youth. Peace. Future ". The event was timed to the International Day of Youth. On the features of this year's celebration during the next briefingState Administration told a Deputy Director of the families, youth and sports RSA Natalia Kozhushko and Senior Instructor of tactical training center "Sota" Alexander rounders. - Festival will be held in the format of the tent city. The camp is scheduled to take military-patriotic game, sports competitions and demonstrations, clubs andnteresamy. There will also be organized concerts, during which young people will demonstrate "business cards" of his district, city, region, state, - said Natalia coats. As Alexander rounders also held briefings with guidance and rules of behavior in extreme conditions, with practical training of first emergencyassistance and demonstration of models of weapons. - Chernihiv region - the land of the rich Cossack past. The genetic code from time to time makes itself felt, but it must be backed by practical skills, including handling of weapons, - says senior tactical instructor training center. In general, the idea of ??the festival - raising the national spirit of youth and Mratriotychnoho education, opportunities for self-disclosure and creativity. The program provides for the exchange of experiences, meaningful communication and international and cross-border youth cooperation between Ukraine and Belarus. The event will be attended by about 400 representatives of youth organizations, creative and welleffi- cient youth from districts and cities of Chernihiv, Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Cherkassy, ??Poltava and Sumy regions, as well as youth asset Gomel region (Belarus) and possibly representatives from Latvia. On the official website of State Administration