In the Transcarpathian region show band " Atas " invites you to celebrate its 15th anniversary June 13

Coastal concert in honor of the anniversary of well-known team in the region of modern dance - show group "Atas". Dance group named "Smile" was created under the City House of Culture Coast June 1, 2000. In his first monthsexistence, the group won the second honorable second place in the art festival "Crystal clusters" in the grapes, and the next year won a silver festival "Young World" in Budapest (Hungary). Later renamed the team "Atas". 15-year career of the group paved with victories at festivals and competitions in different parts of Ukraine (Ivano-Frankivsk,Kherson, Odessa) and abroad. In June 2010, show the group was awarded the title "Model children's collective." "Atas" vyshkolyv more than five hundred talented dancers. Among them, for example, a member of the TV show "Ukraine Got Talent-5" Vlad Makhno. As to the number of wards, with several team members eventually grew to hundreds of talented childrenand and youths who are now involved in five age groups (from 3.5 to 20 years). Creative collective progress dancers and show constant head band Svetlana Kononenko show this Saturday in the hall Beregovo City House of Culture. The concert starts at 14.00. Department of Culture Transcarpathian Regional State Administration This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast derMILITARY administration