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At Vinnytsia oblast budget for rehabilitation of children in 2015 allocated 2 mln. UAH. more than in the previous year (+ photos)

commented on this year's situation of rehabilitation of children in the summer-autumn period when the All-Ukrainian selector meeting on rehabilitation and recreation for children in 2015, Deputy Chairman - Director Departamentu Education and Science RSA Igor Ivasjuk. In a conference call chaired by the Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine - Chief of Staff Viktor Ivankevych representatives of regional departments and offices, and relevant organizations to provide summer recreation and health of children Vinnitsa region. "The mainspecific rehabilitation of children in 2015 is that we provide not only the rest of privileged categories, but participants ATO children and children displaced persons, and that more than 1.8 million people ", - said Victor Ivankevych. He said that this year for this purpose from the local budget allocated 510 million. UAH., 39 mln. UAH. more orthe same in 2014. The meeting also considered the issue of preferential transport of children to places UZ recovery, accompanied by representatives of the Traffic in transit, sanitary readiness of health facilities that accept children on holiday and so on. "At Vinnytsia improving campaign started on June 2, when 17,500 students started onviduvaty prishkolnom camps, - informed the meeting Igor Ivasjuk - Total is planned for the summer and autumn improve 86,200 children, and that over 50% of school-age children. " According to the official, from the budgets of district, city, village and settlement councils on measures to improve children allocated 9.0 mln. UAH. He also noted that additionalovo for repairs and improvement of material and technical base of children's institutions of rehabilitation and recreation from different funding sources applied 3 mln. UAH. From the regional budget for the rehabilitation of 37 children and 2 suprovozhuvachiv of Luhansk region allocated an additional 100.0 thousand. UAH. Overall, the health network of the region includes 16- Non-urban camps 2 - sanatorium and DZST "Sokilets" (which is now undergoing state registration), 203 - from daycare (school camps), including 6 language camps, work and rest 1- and 3 - tents. Reference: Planned for 2015: recovery of 20 children whose parents died in the ATO (regional state administration, etc.atsyuye to organize rehabilitation for these children in Poland); 607 children whose parents are affected or involved in the ATO; including ATU 100 children participants at the expense of the regional budget will be healed on the Black Sea. Pass recovery: 1 child killed by ATO soon - 4 children killed by ATO; 31 children's ATO is sent to the countryside institutions of rehabilitation and recreation, including outside area in UDTS "Young Guard", in the village bay and the city. Berdyansk. 462 child participants ATO rest in camps with day stay. Improvement of children of temporary occupied territories and regions of TUs: - 750 children from internallyDisplaced families (50% of all displaced children of school age), of which 264 - now rest in camps with day stay. - 37 children 2 maintainer of Starobelsk district, Luhansk region from June 14 zayizhdzhayutdo children's health complex named. Zahurnoho (Shargorodskii area) the funds would be regionalyudzhetu (100.0 thousand. UAH ..) - A session of Regional Council will consider the issue of additional funds for the recovery of 300 children from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration