Chernivtsi: a commission to verify the quality of work on laying of utilities in the street Bohdan Khmelnytsky

On behalf of Mayor Alexis Kaspruk a working commission that by June 15 will check the quality of works on construction of storm water networks and sewerage network overhaul that served OOO TD "Ukrvtorresurs." Komisiyu headed by Deputy Mayor George Leonti. It includes specialists departments of technical supervision departments of housing, urban complex and land relations, the Control and Inspection Department of the City Council, KP "MiskShEP" CE "Chernivtsivodokanal" and representative of the designer. The Commission carries out its work in cooperation with hlenamy street committee. Lead Specialist technical supervision of the Department of Housing Vladimir Taniuk who supervised these works that served LLC "Ukrvtorresurs" on the street B. Khmelnitsky, suspended from duty until the conclusion of the commission. Control and Inspection Department of the City Council recymav order to examine the entire documentation for this type of work, including work performed acts, acts perform covert work, defective acts, payment instruments and more. 12-13 June representatives of the general contractor KP "MiskShEP" during the preparatory work for the installation of pavement and stormwater networks found acceptance mailboxyti defects in the work performed by LLC TD "Ukrvtorresurs." Together with the street committee composed defective acts. June 13 at the scene working meeting with representatives of the committee held a street Mayor Alex Kaspruk. "Work on this street are under special control. No deficiencies will be no cover. Winesnor be held accountable. If the Commission finds serious violations by the contractor, which are regarded as abuse, turn to the police for criminal proceedings. Monitoring the effective use of budget funds will be severely and officials bear personal responsibility for the committed dylky. No concessions that nobody will, "- said Alexey Kaspruk. This was reported in the Chernivtsi City Council