In the Zhytomyr region rescuers helped to relieve a person died from a tree

February 18 at about 10:30 on the item called ’ communication DSNS city Korostyshiv was reported that rescuers need assistance to relieve a person died from a tree in the village Gurevich. Upon arrival of the next guard DSNS fighters on the scene learned that Mr.and one of the tall trees that grow along the carriageway, is the body of a man with no signs of life. Rescuers using ropes and ladders trohkolinnoyi man took off the ground and passed into the hands of those who arrived on-call physicians who finally acknowledged the deaths. On ’ it turned out that the victim was moonlighting on his life that Mr.and asking people using chainsaws and cut wood. This time, being high on a tree branch hit it big in size, and that fell on him. As a result, the man received a head injury is not compatible with life and died. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region